Sports Doctors in Malta and Gozo

Sports Doctors

In the past sports doctors would have been orthopaedic surgeons or primary care physicians, that dedicate their work to athletes. Nowadays a sports and exercise medicine specialist is a specialist on their own accord.

Their primary focus is to deal with the conservative management of musculoskeletal injuries for both athletes and non-athletes. In addition to preventing injury they also treat the athlete’s problems associated with nutrition, injury, substance abuse and sports psychology.

In the case of professional athletes, sports doctors work hand-in-hand with the team's coaches to enhance the athlete's results and ensure injury-free performance.

When to see a sports doctor

The main reason to see a sports doctor is to prevent injury and improve your performance. This applies whether you are an athlete or not.

You do not usually need a referral from your GP to see a sports doctor. You should visit one if you:

  • Are starting a new kind of sport or exercise
  • Are suffering from chronic injury
  • Sustain a sports-related injury
  • Want to improve your performance
  • Want to prevent injury
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