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This website is free for the general public to use. It is also free for pharmacies and clinics to list and update contact information, map details, opening hours, etc. has provided this information to the general public and support to pharmacies and clinics free of charge since 2012.

As a result of delivering this information reliably for this long it serves several thousand visitors on a daily basis.

This website is however run as a for-profit business, and frankly, so should you with your website unless you have some charitable endeavour in mind.

Therefore some "paid for" services are offered alongside the free ones in order to make this work. The below sections go through which the free services are and which ones are paid for.

Free Services

Through the "my" dashboard pharmacies and clinics can keep the following up-to-date, free of charge:

  • opening hours
  • address
  • contact details
  • pickup/delivery information
If you do not have an account set up yet, simply get in touch and we'll get you set up in no time.

In addition, once set up, you will receive monthly stats (one email per month) with the number of visitors to, and calls effected from, your property's page on this website. Again, at no charge to you.

The main implication is that a pharmacy or clinic does not need to set up their own website from scratch, hire consultants to drive serious online traffic to it, and manage it over time.

In addition, using the paid for services below, pharmacies and clinics can display more information about the property they run.

Paid For Services

Extra Roster Entries

One of the key features of according to our users is the up-to-date maintenance and clear display of pharmacies opening on Sundays and public holidays.

If your pharmacy is going to be open in addition to the pharmacies already opening as per the roster issued by the Department of Health, we can display your pharmacy's Sunday opening hours as an "extra" roster entry for each roster date.

More information here.

Listing of Health Professionals ranks #1 in Google for searches as "gynaecologist malta", "dermatologist malta", etc. This is another sought-after feature.

Pharmacies and clinics can list the health professionals attending their pharmacy/clinic. More details.

We're also working on enabling health professionals to set up their profile directly, and then listing themselves as attending pharmacies/clinics on this website. And even setting up their own clinic. More info.

Listing of Health Services

Site visitors frequently ask about services provided, such as:

Pharmacies and clinics can list the health services they provide at their property. More details.

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