Mental Health Professionals

Mental Health Professionals

There are various types of mental health professionals. These can range from counsellors and social workers to psychotherapists, psychiatrists and psychologists.

To know which type applies to you, click on any of the professions above. In broad strokes:

  • A counsellor is very effective at addressing a specific issue or issues you are facing. And may provide recommendations to tackle them.
  • A psychologist is great at evaluating and treating both mental and emotional disorders. Psychologists focus more on the theory, science, and clinical knowledge to understand you. This understanding leads you to better quality of life.
  • A psychotherapist resolves emotional issues by modifying specific aspects of your life. Aspects which make you vulnerable. This method usually takes longer than counselling. As it may take longer to uncover these aspects. But you are more than likely to come out self-aware. And are more capable to take control of your life.
  • A psychiatrist is a medical doctor specialised in preventing, diagnosing and treating mental illnesses. A psychiatrist is less likely to engage in the psychological therapy. Rather they'll focus on the case management, diagnosis and medication side of care.

But again, the statements above are very broad. And the techniques each type of professional employs do overlap. On a case-by-case basis.

Keep in mind a person with the right training and experience is only the start. It is as important to find someone you feel comfortable working with and opening up to.

If you don’t immediately click with a certain professional or the type of therapy, it's OK. The key is that you keep looking until you find what is right for you. And stick to it.

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