Last updated: April 25th, 2023

Urine testing sample photo.

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What is Urinalysis?

Urinalysis is a urine test carried out in the course of diagnosis and treatment of a range of disorders. A urinalysis is generally ordered by a medical professional when seeking to ascertain the diagnosis of the presented symptoms.

The actual tests can vary in nature and may include physical, microscopic, and chemical tests.

Urine is produced by the kidneys who have the job of filtering the bloodstream and dumping waste through urine. This makes urine a potential treasure trove of information where doctors can look for missing substances or substances that shouldn’t be there. This can help doctors better understand what is going on and thus be able to recommend a course of action.

Why get a Urinalysis?

A urinalysis can help your doctor better understand a range of symptoms you might be experiencing as well as manage an ongoing medical condition. A urinalysis can provide key information about the condition itself as well as any undertaken treatments and how well they are working.

When should you get Urinalysis?

For the most part, a urinalysis is recommended by doctors and should be taken when advised. Typically, urinalysis can be done at the beginning of treatment and/or during the course of treatment and illness management.

Urinalysis does not require any preparation and can be collected at any time with a few exceptions. As it is not an invasive procedure, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to the procedure itself which is usually done in complete privacy.

Urinalysis procedure

Regardless of the reason why urine is being collected, procedures follow the same steps. In certain cases, the doctor might ask you to follow some extra steps to ensure the sample collected can be used for its intended purposes.

Urine is collected in a container given to you by your doctor or bought from a pharmacy. Once collected, the sample is examined in a laboratory after which the results are sent to your doctor.

For best results, the sample might need to be collected mid-stream. You may also be asked to clean the urinary opening before collecting the sample.

In most cases, you can eat and drink as usual, however, your doctor will provide you with all of the instructions depending on your particular circumstances. Urine samples are for the most part collected first thing in the morning since this makes results easier to obtain due to the high concentration. Your doctor may also use a catheter in certain situations which involve a pipe running from the urinary tract to the bladder.

Since the results are derived in a laboratory, you might need to wait until the results are made available. However, in some cases, intermediate results might be available within a matter of seconds if the doctor has the correct equipment setup.

Pharmacies providing Urinalysis

Closes at 7PM

Beta Pharmacy

50/52, Triq Santa Marija, Għaxaq

Opening Hours N/A

Brown's Pharmacy

34, Triq il-Qasam, Tal-Ibraġġ, Swieqi

Closes at 7PM

Central Pharmacy

6, Triq San Ġużepp, Luqa


Cosmed Pharmacy

Soccors, Triq Villambrosa, Ħamrun

Closes at 7PM

De Rohan Pharmacy

24, Triq Sant’Antnin, Żebbuġ


Distinction Pharmacy

32, Pjazza Antoine De Paule, Paola

Closes at 7PM

Health & Co. Pharmacy

Triq l-Erbgħa Mwieżeb, San Pawl il-Baħar


MC Pharmacy

303, Triq Haż-Żabbar (previously "Cilia's Pharmacy"), Fgura

Closes at 7PM

Pasteur Pharmacy

Triq it-Tellerit, Safi

Closes at 7PM

Polymer Żabbar Pharmacy

30, Triq tal-Ħofra, Żabbar


Rational Pharmacy

74/75, Triq il-Wied, Birkirkara

Closes at 7PM

Reeds Pharmacy

191, Vjal il-21 ta’ Settembru, Naxxar

Closes at 7PM

Remedies Pharmacy

Triq Tumas Fenech, Birkirkara

Closes at 7PM

Remedies Pharmacy

Triq it-Tabib Nikol Zammit, Siġġiewi

Closes at 10PM

Smiths PAMA Pharmacy

PAMA Shopping Mall, Mosta

Closes at 7:30PM

Smiths St. Albert Pharmacy

Triq l-Oratorju, Għargħur


Spiżerija Carmen

1, Misraħ Suffara Street, Dingli

Closes at 8PM

Stella Maris Pharmacy

34, Milner Street, Sliema

Closes at 7PM

St. Paul's Bay Pharmacy

504, Triq il-Kbira, San Pawl il-Baħar

Closes at 7PM

St. Philip Pharmacy

Triq iċ-Ċeppun, Għaxaq

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